Michael Scott Garvin




With over twenty years in the design industry, Michael Scott Garvin is well recognized for his excellence in interior design, landscapes, and custom home construction.  His talents in interior and exterior designs are unmatched.  His skills have resulted in the creation of some of the most distinctive and inspired properties throughout the southwest. Scott’s goal is to work closely with the client to create timeless designs. With his team, Michael Scott Garvin has created a wide variety of styles ranging from intimate European estates to organic contemporary properties.


“I never want a room to feel staged upon completion.  Even in some of my more contemporary projects where minimalism is required, a sense of timelessness or history is key. I consider myself a client’s designer, that is to say, my goal is to create living spaces which reflect my client’s dreams. The lasting relationships I have with my clients are that of which I am most proud of.”

-Michael Scott Garvin





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Michael Scott Garvin


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